Travel Fees

Over the past few years travel medicine has become increasingly specialised and we are finding that patients are travelling to ever more exotic locations. Unfortunately, some itineraries now fall outside of what we would regard as the limit of our expertise. There may be a number of complicating factors and failure to cover all aspects could nowadays be a potentially serious medico-legal issue for the health professional. For this reason, in accordance with current guidelines, we have adopted a new policy with regards to travel advice and immunisations at Castlegate Surgery.

Vaccines that we can provide

  • Hepatitis A – Free
  • Polio – Free
  • Tetanus with Diphtheria – Free
  • Typhoid – Free
  • Yellow Fever – £50 (additional £10 admin charge if the patient is not registered at Castlegate)
  • Hepatitis B – £70 Course of 3 Injections, £23 Single Injection
  • Rabies – £150 Course of 3 Injections, £50 Booster
  • Tick Borne Encephalitis – £180 course of 3, £60 per single dose
  • Japanese B Encephalitis – £160 course of 2, £80 per single dose

All charges payable, in advance, either by cheque made payable to ‘Castlegate Surgery’ or by cash. We do Accept Debit/Credit cards.

Vaccines we cannot provide

  • Diphtheria alone
  • BCG for TB
  • Meningitis

Malaria Prophylaxis

Only available on a private prescription or over the pharmacy counter (depending on type required).

£10 per prescription, per patient, plus the cost of the tablets at the pharmacy.

Antibiotics for Travel

£10 (as per private prescription) plus the cost of the tablets at the pharmacy.

Outside of our Expertise

If your trip is deemed to be outside of our area of expertise we advise you contact MASTA who provide an excellent service and all you pay for is the phone call. In fact, we would strongly suggest that anyone travelling outside of Western Europe obtain their advice. In such circumstances, we may still be able to offer some of the vaccines/malaria prescriptions but we will need to see the written documentation that you received as evidence that the correct advice has been given and confirming the correct course of vaccines/malaria prophylaxis for you.