Patient Participation Group

What is a Patient Participation Group and Why Join?

All English GP practices are required to form a representative patient participation group (PPG). We are supported and guided by the National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP).

PPGs aim to make the relationship between patients and their practices stronger and to assist them to play an even more valuable role at the heart of our communities.

Castlegate’s PPG comprises of a small team of volunteer patients, who either attend at our informal meetings held every 2-3 months, or alternatively communicate and consult via the PPG Chair by email, to offer their opinion and support.

There are many ways to give your input. You may be interested in helping us organise local health information events for patients; set up support groups for those with long term conditions or be part of the consultation process in local health issues that affect us all.

If you wish to join our friendly group please fill in our registration form.

Some of the PPG’s recent work at Castlegate:

  • consultation and feedback in designing the new website
  • Hertfordshire Health Walks promotion event

Dates for the 2019 PPG meetings held at Castlegate Surgery:

  • Wednesday 18th September 18:30
  • Tuesday 22nd October 18:30

We look forward to seeing you

PPG Newsletters

Message from our PPG Chair, Linda Pryor

Dear PPG Core and Virtual members,

Update on surgery news.
As most of you will be aware exciting events are occurring at the surgery

  • We are caretaking Ware Road Surgery until they move into new premises at Bircherley Green. They move in with us next Monday, April 1st.

Practically you will see several changes in the surgery:

  • The reception desk will be ‘split’ into 2 areas with Castlegate patients registering on the left hand side [still with the sign in screen] and Ware Road on the right.
  • Both waiting rooms will be for both groups of patients, although you will notice the upstairs waiting room is smaller [part of it has been sectioned off to make an extra office space].
  • Castlegate patients will still receive an on-screen notice when their clinician is ready to see them. For Ware Road patients, the clinician will come to the waiting room to ‘collect’ their patient.
  • Rooms may be renumbered as extra consulting rooms on the ground and first floors have been created through support staff moving down to an office in the basement
  • As you were informed by a text message, the ONLY parking in front of the surgery will be a disabled parking bay. There are now 30 minute parking spaces on Castle Street; St Andrews car park is the nearest paying car park. If you are feeling energetic the free one hour slots at the end of Queen’s Road are quite useful too!
  • Mike Carn, Ware Road PPG Chair, myself and Elaine Alles [Ware Road Practice Manager] met with Karen Cassell last Thursday. She kindly showed us round the surgery and talked us through the changes mentioned above.
  • Both PPGs will retain their separate identities and hold their surgery’s PPG meetings on different nights. Mike and myself meet on a regular basis at the Hertford PPG Chairs’ meeting.
  • Hopefully everything will run smoothly, but there may be some teething problems. Staff from both surgeries are working incredibly hard to make things as easy as possible for all patients. Please let them and/or myself know if you are worried about anything.
  • Merger with Church Street Surgery, Ware.
    The ‘soft’ merger with Church Street also happens on April 1st, with the full merger anticipated within the year. Patients should see no difference in their appointments with their respective surgeries. There may be opportunities to share some of the clinicians e.g. different clinics are held at the two surgeries and patients may be offered the opportunity to attend the other surgery.
  • It is PPG awareness week nationally from 10th -15th June. We are hoping to possibly hold a coffee morning at the surgery to raise awareness of our PPG and recruit some new members. During this week we are also hoping to do a promotion for Cancer awareness at Castle Hall and use this event to recruit new PPG members. If you can help with any of these promotions please get in touch with me on this email address.
  • Extended hours appointments are available and the appointments are at Hanscombe House surgery.

Thank you.

Kind regards
Linda Pryor
PPG Chair, Castlegate Surgery