Our Services

Good Health at Castlegate, we offer our patients the following services:

  • Online Health Reviews

    Blood Pressure Review, Travel Risk Assessment

  • Long Term Conditions

    Asthma, COPD, Diabetes, Hypertension

  • Private Services

    Minor Surgery, Travel Services, Non-NHS Medical/Certificate Work: Chargeable Service - i.e Medical/Insurance Reports, Solicitor Reports, Travel Claim Forms, Fitness

  • Pregnancy and Babies

    Antenatal Care, Baby and Childhood Vaccinations, Postnatal Care, Whooping Cough

  • Keeping Healthy

    Flu Immunisation, Cervical Smears, Breast Screening, Stop Smoking, Free NHS Health Checks, Test Results, Shingles Vaccination, Screening for Bowel Cancer

  • Others

    Contraception, Sexual Health, Stop Smoking, Counselling and Mental Health, Available Help for Teens in Need of Support

Home Visits - for the Housebound only

Same day visit requests should be made before 11.00 am. Please give a brief explanation of your problem so that the doctors can assess the urgency of the situation. With fewer home visits we can deliver a more efficient service so it would be appreciated if every attempt could be made to come to the surgery.

Doctor Telephone List

Each doctor has a telephone consultation session to discuss results and give advice. Please ask reception for the times.

Test Results

Please phone after 2.00pm when the phone lines are quieter to get your results. The reception staff will give you a message from the doctor about your result. The doctors may wish to speak to the patient themselves, in which case, the receptionist will ask you for a contact number and add you to the doctor’s call list for them to call you back.

Sick Certificates

Doctors certificates are only needed if you have more than seven days off work. For less than this, a self certificate should be completed. If you need a certificate for the first week for any reason, this will be a private certificate for which there is a charge.

Private Services Request Form

If you require a doctor to write a medical report/claim form etc this is classed as a private service. Please complete one of our ‘Private Service Request Forms’ (see reception for details) giving us as much detail as possible. You should allow 10 working days for this to be processed and there will be a charge for this service.

Disabled Access

All services can be provided on the ground floor. Dr Pratt's and Dr Peace’s consulting rooms are on the first floor but they can see patients on the ground floor, if necessary. Please inform the staff, on your arrival, if you have any disability problems and they will assist you.

Private Referrals

Our doctor will give you a private specialist’s name. However if you are expecting your health insurance to pay you must check with them first to ensure that the specialist recommended to you is on their list of approved specialists.

Assuming the insurance company approves, you can then arrange your appointment directly with the specialist.

Please notify our secretary of your appointment date and she will arrange for a referral letter to be ready at reception for you to collect. Please allow us 5 working days before collecting the letter. Private referral letters do not take priority over NHS referrals.

We would advise you to check with your specialist as some may wish to see the referral letter in advance of the appointment.

We cannot use the NHS courier service for private letters due to cost. If you would like your referral letter posted, please provide us a stamped addressed envelope.

If you have any queries about your letter please telephone our secretary between 8.30am and 12.30pm on 0844 815 1224 or 01992 676454 then select .-Option 4.