Patient Participation Group

What is a Patient Participation Group and Why Join?

All English GP practices are required to form a representative patient participation group (PPG). We are supported and guided by the National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP).

PPGs aim to make the relationship between patients and their practices stronger and to assist them to play an even more valuable role at the heart of our communities.

Castlegate's PPG comprises of a small team of volunteer patients, who either attend at our informal meetings held every 2-3 months, or alternatively communicate and consult via the PPG Chair by email, to offer their opinion and support.

There are many ways to give your input. You may be interested in helping us organise local health information events for patients; set up support groups for those with long term conditions or be part of the consultation process in local health issues that affect us all…

If you wish to join our friendly group or know more about Castlegate's Patient Participation Group, please contact Claire on


Some of the PPG's recent work at Castlegate:

- consultation and feedback in designing the new website

- Hertfordshire Health Walks promotion event 


Dates for the 2017 PPG meetings held at 18.30hrs at Castlegate Surgery:

8th February 

17th May

12th July

20th September

6th December


We look forward to seeing new members come on board in 2017!

Claire - PPG Chair